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Top 3 Indian Brands Taking the World By Storm

Top 3 indian brands

Making a brand recognized around the world is no easy feat. To make a brand popular outside its own geography required a great deal of work, vision, marketing, and of course, the end product must be great. Before the slogan #MakeInIndia went the main stream, many authentic Indian brands were already making products that were truly Indian. Be it spices or Darjeeling tea; these brand was offering products that can define India overseas with many benefits to the end users. Instead of copying the western idea, they adored the idea of making products of Indian origin. And today, on the global stage, they have become one of the most popular brands that are purely made in India.

Daawat Basmati Rice: Rice is ubiquitous in India and many Asian nations. Actually the rice can be described as a staple food in this region and consumed by millions if not billions. But for millions of people who are living outside of this region, getting a hand on excellent quality Indian made rice could be a challenge. However, one Indian brand Daawat Basmati Rice may help in this regard. Establish in 1993; the Indian made brand Daawat basmati rice is one of the recognized organizations that offers premium quality famous Indian Basmati rice not only in India but also throughout the world. The persistent quality and the close eye to the details made this Indian brand incredibly successful.

Haldiram: Long before the age of Lays and Cadbury, a confectioner and sweet-maker build a savory shop in Bikaner in 1937. And today, the brand has grown to be one of the major players in the sweets and savories business niche. And the brand not only famous in India. However, it has spread its’ wing throughout the globe. And the cravings for the sweets and savories from this brand is growing every day. Haldiram as a brand has grown tremendously. And the quality control, as well as the deliciousness of their Indian made products, have always played a crucial role in their success.

Everest Spices: Indian foods are famous around the world. However, if you are living outside the subcontinent, it would be difficult for you to make real Indian food. Why? The reason is what makes the Indian food so delicious, and mouth-watering is Spices and Masala.

Without the right spices, you simply can’t make any authentic Indian cuisine. And the best brand to acquire the Indian spice from would-be Everest Spices. They are the biggest manufacturer of Indian Spices. Besides this, they already have their own FMCG Consumer Reaction Award for their exceptional products. And if you want to acquire real and authentic Indian made Spices, we can help you get them at your home. We are partnering with the most recognized original Indian-made brands so we can deliver the right experience you are expecting to have.

This is definitely not the completes list of the most famous Indian-made brands. Above three brands or companies found their roots in India and was able to spread their product overseas. And if you want products from these particular brands, we may be able to help you soon. At Indian-made Direct, we are striving to offer the best and authentic Indian products from prominent Indian brands right at your doorstep no matter where you live. We will be back with the best Indian made products soon to deliver the best Indian experience.