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Meet 5 Indian skincare brands you need on your beauty shelf

5 Indian skincare brands

India has a rich and diverse history like no others. From the beginning, India and its surrounding areas believed in finding the solution to any problem from nature. A concept like Ayurveda, Adivasi, Unani, and many more holistic wellness traditions proves that. So the bottom line is, India always looked for aspiration from nature to find out remedies for thousands of years. But with passing time, those traditions faded away.

This is the reason we see many business niches are dominated by foreign companies and especially the beauty care industry. However, as people are moving on towards more wholesome and environment-friendly products, the rise of Indian brands is now evident—especially those who use natural products to make their beauty care goods.

Though the brand can capture a promising part of the beauty care industry, the big corporations are still way ahead. However, suppose you are into natural products. In that case, whether you are living in India or not, you should be aware of these fantastic Indian brands that deliver natural and high-quality products.

Nature’s Tattva

Nature’s Tattva is Delhi based care product maker with great expertise in making beauty products blended with natural goodness. However, the unique part of this brand is that they give you the opportunity to DIY. And the organization pride itself on being the first Indian beauty brand to pull this off successfully. According to the brand, they are trying to solve three issues which are widespread problems if you look through them. First of all, they are trying to personalize the skincare industry. It means they want to give the customers to make their products according to their skin type.

Secondly, as we know, modern beauty products made in the big corporate machines tend to use chemicals that are not ideal for skins and overall health. And the third solution is unique. It is meant to reduce waste. How? Unlike chemical products, the natural product has a lower shelf life, hardly about three to four months. Therefore, the users won’t keep it locked inside a cupboard!

The unique approach and natural products are indeed made Nature’s Tattva a great brand to look for.

Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry is a well-recognized beauty care product brand in India. Also, they are pretty famous across the border. The brand works with natural and organic ingredients to deliver an exceptional experience.

And they are serious about their commitment. In fact, they are few Indian brands that have the certificate and offer certified organic products. The brand has a lot of products in the inventory to answer diverse problems. From body roll on to face mask and essential oils, you can find a lot of great and high-quality products to fulfill your need to take care of your skin natural way.


We have talked about the Indian traditions and the use of Ayurveda. And though there are many brands that use Ayurveda, none of them comes closer to the Amrutam and their dedication. The brand proudly uses proven traditional methods and natural ingredients to make the products. And the products deliver a great experience, which is why the brand gained a lot of goodwill and a loyal customer base.

The company made Ayurvedic products that comprised optimum doses of herbal extracts, which may effectively be used as remedies. Amrutam boasts a remarkable repertoire of Malts and Ayurvedic medicinal formulations developed to give relief for many known physical and psychological ailments.


TJori is a well-recognized traditional apparel maker. However, the brand has become one of the most adored beauty care product producers in the country. The brand has gained valuable experience in working with natural products, which can be noticed in their products.

Especially the face mask that comes with an environment-friendly container. On the other hand, the rose water, face scrubs, and soaps are also winning the hearts of thousands.

Dr. Sheth

Dr. Sheth is not an uncommon name in the Indian beauty care industry. The brand is heavily involved in delivering high-quality products that help the human body recover from various bad influences. According to the specialist at Dr. Sheth, the Indian skin has a reputation not to work well when treated by western remedies. According to them, the skin here is much prone to generate issues like pigmentation, unwanted spots, etc.

And the brand has personalized its product so that it can deliver promising and better results to the Indian or any tough sin in regards to elevating the wellbeing of the skin. This brand has a different approach to resolve already existing problems that exist in the beauty world. Different yet efficient and effective, and that’s what matters!

India is known for its food, spices, and yoga. However, there is more to that. India is becoming a major player in the other business niche with excellent products, and skincare is one of them.